Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The little things matter most!

Today was a busy day for me, I had to wake up early go to a workshop, and leave Alejandro with Abuelito and Abuelita for the day. I missed him so much and makes me realize that the time we have had together this summer has been amazing. I know when I wake up on August 10th to go back to work I will be very sad, but also remember that he is in great hands and I am providing for him. As I think about all that I have in my life I feel truly blessed and remember that the little things matter most. Things such as:

  1. the wave good bye this morning from my sweet boy to go off and learn something new and seeing him so happy with his abuelitos

  2. A great workshop teaching me something new

  3. visit with an old friend

  4. lunch just with my husband like we use to have when we were first dating

  5. getting ready for a new year nice and early and excited about it

  6. coming home after a full day away and hearing thos magical words that make my heart melt "MOMMY"

  7. laying in bed with my husband and baby playing

  8. giving one of Alejandro's favorite books to him and watching him lay down all alone in our room and read

  9. eating dinner as a family

  10. One of the best moments of the day watching a sweet boy hold a little cup filled with ice to snack on and walking ever so slowly to make sure he doesn't drop one single bit of it. Watching his sweet face fill so acomlished was amazing and a moment I will never forget.

Little things in life are the ones that fill my heart with happiness and in the busy moments it feels great to reflect on a busy day and be thankful for all that I have and am blessed with.

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