Monday, September 23, 2013

Love being a mommy

As I sit here this morning I think of how blessed I am with what God has given me. He has given me two beautiful children. I love them so much and am so thankful that the Lord choose me to be their mommy.

I am now watching my sweet boy fall in love with his sister and it makes my heart overflow with joy. Of course it is a big adjustment for him and he is also learning how to be a big brother and share all the attention. This at times can be difficult, but as a family we are learning how to deal with a little jealousy and learning to show love. There are times when he wants attention from mommy and daddy and others when he only wants his sisters attention. Again this is a learning time for all of us as a family. It is in those little moments though when he goes to the bassinet on his own and just stares at his sister, or sings to his sister that I see how much he loves her. He also loves to put her on his chest and just hold and give her kisses. He also loves to hold her hand in his and just take her in. These are the moments when again I slow down and thank God for the opportunity to be there mommy and take all of these little things in. My little boy is an amazing big brother and I know he will always be her protector and for that I am blessed.
Being a mommy is the best job in the world and I couldn't ask for anything more, my heart overflows with the joy my beautiful babies bring me. I also have to take a moment and recognize my amazing husband for giving me these beautiful blessings and being such an amazing daddy to our sweet babies. He really is showing our son how to be a protector, caring, and loving little guy. He is also showing our baby girl all the love any little girl could ever asked for. I am truly blessed beyond words. I know I will be sad when I go back to work next week, but I know my sweet babies will be in great hands with their abuelitos and that makes everything better. I also know my little guy will love and help with sister while mommy and daddy work. My job provides me with the opportunity to provide for my children, but there is no job like just being their mommy :)

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