Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer 2013

        Summer 2013 is upon us and off to a great start. I just want to take a moment and reflect on this year to see all the blessings that are to come this  summer.
          As I look back on the 2012-2013 school year I realize that it was a hard one. I went into the school year teaching a new grade this year and not being excited about it. It actually turned out well and I learned a lot about myself as a teacher. I learned that teaching one subject is very hard when you have students at all different levels, but with high expectations the students could learn a lot. I had a lot of growth with my students, but now know what I will do in the coming year to help my students grow and grow myself as a teacher.
         At the beginning of this school year I lost a very dear friend and that was very hard and I learned a lot from that experience too. Through the loss of such a beautiful amazing talented teacher I remember all that I learned from her and how to become a great teacher from her. She was the one there my first year teaching showing me how to be a kind and a great teacher. I carry her in my heart every day and I take all she taught me to make me stronger and the teacher that I want to be. She will always be with me in all the little things that I do as a teacher and as a mother, because though I was not her daughter she treated me that way and I will always remember that. She was not only my mentor, but also my family.
       With the loss of my friend and the pain that I felt through most of the year came a big blessing and I believe she had a little hand to play in this beautiful blessing of expecting our second baby. I am now seven months pregnant with our precious little girl Paulina Mikaela. This summer is about getting ready for our sweet girl and me just enjoying and teaching my sweet boy so many new things. My precious boy is excited about becoming a big brother and I am so happy that he feels that way. As I wait patiently for the arrival of our little girl I thank the Lord for all that he has blessed our family with. My sweet boy is growing and learning so many new things. He is teaching daddy and I how to be patient to stop listen, play, and enjoy this time with him.
               As this summer is a time that my family is growing with love and strength I am so thankful for such an amazing husband. He is patient, kind, loving and strong he does so much for us each and every day. During the school year he is our chef and he does it with so much love that in the summer it is nice to be able to finally help him out more and cook a little. I am not near the cook he is, but he has taught me many things in our five years of marriage and the nine years that we have been together that I am now able to manage some simple tasks in the kitchen. This allows me to be a better mother to my son by providing him with home cooked meals and spending time with him. My husband is my rock and my strength and I am so blessed with him and our growing little family.
                 I am thankful to have the summer time to reflect on all that I have learned during the year as a teacher, mother, and wife. I am beyond blessed and thankful for all that we have. We are going to have an amazing summer just enjoying our time as a family. I am glad that our summer is off to a great start with all the changes that are to come this year with our family expanding with the blessing of our sweet girl. May God continue to bless, strengthen, and guide our family this summer.