Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

So on this Mother's Day I sit here and think how thankful I am for all that I have in my life. My son is such a huge blessing and I still can't believe sometimes that I am his mommy, that I carried this wonderful person inside me for nine months and now he is every where and into everything. Tonight as I put him to sleep and he lay on my chest I thought to myself what did I do to deserve such an amazing blessing and then I realized God gave him to me to continue to grow and develop a young mind in him and through him. My husband and I are truly lucky to have such a sweet baby in our lives and I am truly blessed to be called Mom. Alejandro is my joy and my light and with him and my husband all is possible. I love to see all the things that my baby boy learns and how funny he is. He is stubborn and funny and wants to know how to do everything and mimics everything he sees. I bought a potty for him and thought to myself I am going to start teaching him so early, as I know that boys take more time and within a week he told me he wanted to go potty and actually did. I was so amazed and thought again how did I get such a bright child. He has gone three times in the potty and I am so proud, I just pray that it continues the same way. To the whole potty thing has also come and obsession with the big potty and he has started to want to put everything in the big potty which takes my back to my loony toon days and all I hear in my head even as I am running to the potty to make sure nothing lands in the potty is "Ducky go down the hole." As you can imagine he is very quick and sometimes I get to him before something lands in the toilet and sometimes I don't. The joys of mother hood have made me laugh at all the new experiences that actually come with being someones mommy. My son has also developed and obsession with keys and again he mimics everything he sees so the minute he sees keys he grabs them and goes towards the door and tries to put them in the key holes. The phone is also a new favorite and he grabs it and in his deep raspy voice all I hear is "Hello, He..llo, "just love this and can't get enough of it. Being a mommy brings amazement to someones life to be in charge of molding a person and watching the grow and develop is such an amazing thing. Again I say to myself I am blessed to be called Mom and thank the Lord each and every day for such an amazing blessing in my life.