Friday, August 6, 2010

Almost Six Months

This summer has been one of the best ones for me as I have had the experience of spending the summer with my handsome baby boy. Here are some of the things we have done this summer. So at the begining of the summer we quickly realized that we were outgrowing our home and were going to need a new one. So we began looking and I am happy to announce we found our new home and are extremly excited about it. Over the next week or so we will be moving in to our new home. Alejandro will have so much more room to play and explore in which makes mommy and daddy so excited.

A few weeks ago we baptized Alejandro and it was an amazing experience. We were so lucky that he was the first to be baptized in our new church. It was so exciting and mijo did so great. He loved the water and was just so cute watching everything and became a member of our church with no complaints. I am blessed with two great friends that I know will always take care and be a part of my sons life and am thankful that they took on this journey with Paul and I.

Last week we also took a family vacation and it was the longest we have been away from home since Alejandro was born. I was worried at first on how he was going to react to the road and being in new places, but I have to say that my baby boy is very good. He did amazing on the road we only stopped to get gas and one unexpected stop so he could stretch and move around and it was very nice to do that. We went to Austin and didn't get to explore like we wanted to because it was raining. So we made our way to San Antonio on our way we stopped at Cabella's as Daddy had always wanted to go, but to my suprise Alejandro and I really enjoyed it too. There was so much to look at and Alejandro loves to see new things. He got his first pair of sunglasses at Cabella's too and again to my suprise he loved them. He was wearing them the whole time and didn't even complain. Then we made our way to San Marcos to the outlets and we thought we might buy some shoes, or clothes for ourselves as in the past, but we quickly realized that Alejandro was the one that gets things now. After buying him a couple of outfits and seeing how tired he was we quickly made our way out and headed to San Antonio.

When in San Antonio we went to the grotto and prayed and gave thanks for all the blessings we had received this year. We also got to visit with two special people in our lives. We saw Alejandro's Padrino Joseph and my cousion Jessica. It was a great night with them and we really enjoyed our visit. They are both amazing people and we love them both very much.

Next we headed to Uvalde to visit my tia and Father so Alejandro could meet them for the first time. It was an amazing experience because they fell in love with him and so did the rest of my family. They all came to visit him and it was just a great time. Overall the trip was just a great sucess and I am so happy for it all.

Here are some things Alejandro is doing now:

  • He is sitting up on his own and becoming very active

  • He likes to look at him self in the mirror and laugh

  • He can sit up in a high chair

  • likes sunglasses

  • likes to stand up and is very sturdy

  • loves to blow bubbles and stick out his tounge

  • started getting his two front bottom teeth

  • is eating apple sauce and loving it

Well these are the new thing in Casa Estrada and we are excited to see our baby boy grow and develop. I am sad to be going back to work already, but it will just make the nights and weekends in our home that more special.