Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Waiting

So as Alejandro's due date approaches I find myself so ready for him to be here. He on the other hand is nice and comfy where he is, from what the doctor told me this last week. I could not believe it I thought for sure he would be here by now, but he has decided to take his time. I am just so excited to see my baby boy now and ready to have him out here with us. He continues to stay strong in mommy kicking nice and hard and moving around like a wiggly worm.

Some things that have been neat in these last few weeks have been that my students can see him moving more. We can be in a small reading group and I believe that he loves to hear them read and he begins to kick me. This amazes my students which gives me so much joy to have them share in this experience with me. My students have been very supportive and are also ready to meet Alejandro. I have received gifts from parents for him and from the children as they are just so excited and they continue to ask when is he going to be here. They know that he is very important and have seen my belly grow all year which makes this whole experience that much more exciting.

Well as we continue to wait for the arrival of our baby boy we just continue to enjoy every moment of him growing strong in mommy. Patience is important and I believe that I have gotten better at being this way as I wait for my precious baby and continue to teach wonderful young minds that keep me on my toes.