Sunday, December 20, 2009

About to be eight months pregnant.

Life in casa Estrada is quickly changing as I am about to be eight months pregnant on Tuesday. I am so excited about all that has been happening in these last two months. Alejandro is getting bigger and moving so much more now. He kicks and pocks me so much more now and loves to listen to his daddy sing. When we are at church and he hears his daddy singing and he begins to move so much all over the place. I can tell he already loves his daddy. He also likes to listen to stories, I know some of you are going he isn't even born yet how can that be, but when I read to him or am reading a story in class he starts moving all over. Being a teacher makes you a little more animated in stories and I think that is why he moves so much when I read.
My belly is growing so much and even though I am like "I feel like such a fatty" I know it just means my baby boy is growing and getting more space to move around in there. Paul and I are getting more and more excited and nervouse all at the same time. We can't wait for him to be here with us, but also are wondering what it will be like. We continue to pray every day and just wait and enjoy every minute of this pregnancy. Hopefully during the break from school I can get some things done here at home to get ready for my baby boy. Gotta get his room ready and send out invites to my shower. Well I hope to keep this updated, but I am so bad at these things. As for now this is what is new in our house.